Web Site Creation

Do you have a nice website for your business? Have a professional looking website is absolutely crucial. Your website is the “tip of the spear” for your marketing efforts. All of your online appearances and interactions are designed to increase traffic to your website. There are important marketing elements that should be included in your site, so it is highly recommended that it be designed by a professional marketer.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-Per-Click advertising is one of our primary specialties. It allows us on the enormous and dizzying array of options in order to target your ads to the right people, as their searching on a search engine, or reading content on the web, and mobile apps, or in gaming systems. This is a very complicated arena in which to execute effectively, and should only be done by certified experts. If any part of it is not set up or maintain well, it will result in wasted money.

Social Media Marketing

Unless you’ve been in a cave for the last several years, you’ve felt the impact that the social web has had on our culture. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ (to name a few) are where your friends, family, and probably customers are. Interacting over these mediums can bring a lot of visibility to you, and traffic to your website. We will help set you up and get you going in SMM so your business can start reaping the benefits.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is the process of making your web pages rank better in the search engines. How is that done? There are two categories of SEO: on-page, and off-page. On-page optimization means adding very important information to the web pages and underlying code. This information helps make it clearer to the search engine “spiders” what your web pages are really about. Off-page optimization is a process of building recognition to your pages from other web pages in the form of “links” and “citations”. We will start the process that gets you optimized and noticed, and leads to free traffic from the search engines.

Local and Listings and Optimization

One of the major waves that brought changes to Google, Bing & Yahoo in recent years is an emphasis on local business. Have you done a search on Google and seen a section in the middle of the results page that lists businesses that are in your area and show address, phone numbers, and other information? These are called the “local results”. Needless to say, showing up in this list can be extremely valuable. The process for showing up in this list is different than regular SEO. It requires certain actions and a strategy all its own. Getting your business to show up in the local results is another one of our services.

Video Marketing

Besides Google, Youtube is the most searched website in the world. Web video has become a very big part of our culture. It is featured on many different websites and often makes its way onto major television networks. Does your business have a video online? If not, it should. It can give you great exposure without costing you money. Videos are “tagged” with keywords so that when someone searches on Youtube – or Google itself – your video can show up on page one of the search results. We are at your service to help you take advantage of this powerful medium.


Web analytics is the term used for studying the amount of traffic that comes to websites, and the activity and behavior of the visitors when they are there. It also tells where the traffic is coming from (PPC? Social? Organic?). This is important so that you can learn which marketing efforts are working and which aren’t. Running basic analytics is not expensive and can give you valuable information. It is highly recommended. We can tell you more in our free consultation.

Hello. My name is Barry Abraham, and I want to help your business get much more exposure online. Do you have questions about any of these areas? Let us know how we can help you.

  • Website creation and effectiveness
  • Paid advertising on Google, Bing, Facebook, or YouTube
  • Search engine optimization
  • Online reviews
  • Blogging
  • Social media exposure
  • Video production
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