bze--yt imgIt’s impossible to overstate the importance of having a video marketing strategy at this time and in the years to come. Although video has been around on the web for a long time, it has recently become a much more potent marketing method. There are many reasons for this. For one thing, people are watching YouTube videos in staggering numbers. (Did you know that YouTube is the second most searched website on earth?) For another thing, Facebook has become a video powerhouse. People are regularly uploading videos as posts, and businesses are able to use videos as well in their posts and advertisements.

Frankly, there is so much good marketing that can be done with having a good video commercial. It is a piece of content that can be a regular staple on your website, on your Facebook page, posted to other social mediums, and it can appear in the search results when people search YouTube or And, as I already mentioned, it can be used as a video advertisement and Facebook.

YouTube advertisements


Now, let’s talk about one of our favorite ways to use video. One of the greatest opportunities in Internet marketing these days is to create an “In-Stream” video advertisement for YouTube. Here’s how they work:

  1. Someone wants to watch a YouTube video– let’s say they search “Frank Sinatra New York New York,” and then click to watch a video.
  2. Before the Sinatra video plays, a commercial starts to play. The viewer can choose to watch the whole commercial, or click “skip” after five seconds has played.

This video commercial placement is an excellent vehicle for businesses for several reasons:

  • The viewer must watch a minimum of five seconds.
  • An amazing array of targeting options are available, such as: location, device type, age bracket, gender, parental status, interest of the person, subject matter of the video they are requesting, and more.
  • The advertiser is not charged unless the viewer watches at least 30 SECONDS of the video. So, that means that any view between 5-29 seconds is free for the advertiser.*

How much is the charge if the video is viewed for 30 seconds or more? It depends. Google advertising is auction based, so advertisers will place bids for how much they’re willing to pay per view of their video. The eventual cost depends on competition. However, we can tell you from experience that these costs are very low, and very affordable. They will eventually rise as this method gains in popularity, but for now, they are one of the best values in Internet marketing.

Video production

Besides setting up video ad campaigns for YouTube and Facebook, we also provide video production services. Talk to us about creating a highly polished and professional video. We can create videos that are based on a spokesman (such as you) talking to the camera, voiceover and music over images or video, interviews, and we also create whiteboard animations.

* In the case that the video is less than 30 seconds in length, the advertiser will be charged when someone views the video to completion. Also, a charge will accrued when someone clicks to go to the advertiser’s website.

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