bze--rmk_diagram_newerRemarketing is one of the best methods of Internet advertising to come out in recent years. It is a laser-targeted technique, and incredibly cost-effective for what it does. In involves advertising specifically to people who have visited your website, or certain part of your website. Here’s an example of how it works: Let’s say someone sees an ad for your business somewhere, and then visits your website. They look at it for a couple of minutes, and then they move on to other things in their life. They are busy, so they have a lot of different things to think about. A few days later, however, they happen to see an ad for your business on a website or in a mobile app that they are using. They are then reminded of your business and the reason they looked at your website days earlier. They might decide to click on the ad, return to your website, and engage further with your business. So, remarketing ads create a reminder of your business to people who have recently taken an interest by looking at your website, or certain pages of your website. These are the great benefits of remarketing:

  • It provides a massive amount of exposure
  • It is targeted only to people who have recently taken an interest in your business
  • It is extremely inexpensive!

In marketing, frequency is important. Most consumers need many reminders before they end up opening their wallets. With AdWords, you will only pay if they click on the ad and want to come back to your website. How does remarketing work? Remarketing is possible because of website cookies that are used by Google. For your website to use remarketing, some code has to be added to the webpages involved. That code interacts with the cookies used by Google, allowing remarketing lists to be created. It’s important to note that these cookies cannot identify any personally identifiable information about people

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