Website Design

bze--web design pic purchasedWe are not simply web designers. We are MARKETERS! We don’t consider websites to be slick or fancy ornaments to look really cool. We consider websites to be extremely critical components to bring in new business, and help ring your cash register.

Can you answer these questions for your business?

  • Why do you need a website?
  • What purpose should your website serve?
  • What is your website’s most important task?
  • How will website success be measured?
  • What qualities make websites more effective for getting new business?

These are not easy questions, but we can help you with the answers. Business websites are like leaky buckets. The key is to understand the nature of most types of leaks, and how to repair them. We are highly trained at landing page optimization, and would like to help your business grow by creating a website that converts visitors into customers, in a trackable way.

Since such a large amount of website traffic these days comes from people using their mobile devices, is absolutely imperative to have a site optimized for mobile view. The best way to do this, according to Google, is to have a “responsive” website. Responsive websites are built to be flexible, and adjustable to appear correctly on screens of various different sizes. We only create websites that are responsive.

If you would like a consultation on your website, or possible new one, please contact us now.

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