What are the “Campaign Level” Settings in AdWords?

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bri--blog--Adwords Campaign settingsAn AdWords account is made up of different levels. Each level has a different purpose, with different settings and options. There are certain settings that live at the campaign level. In general, those settings apply to every ad group in the campaign. A few of the settings however, can be overridden at lower levels, like ad group or keyword level.

The settings at campaign level

When you first create a campaign, you decide what “campaign type” it will be. There are several options, including shopping campaign, search network only campaign display network only campaign, and others. For some types, you will see an option for either all features, or standard. By choosing all features, you will have the ability to control more aspects of the campaign.

Here are some of the settings you’ll find AT THE campaign level:

First of course, you will choose your campaign type. The options you will have for various settings depends on the campaign type you choose.

Networks— choose between the Google search network, the Google display network, or both

Search partners— Google has a number of partners that show results from the Google search engine—You can opt in or out for showing on search partner sites.

Location targeting— here you will have great flexibility for choosing the locations you wish to target your ads too.

(You also have the option to choose distinctions between people physically located in the location, and people who are out of the location but searching for information related to that location.)

Language— you’ll set the language of the people you are trying to target with this campaign

Bidding method— AdWords offers several options for bidding, including manual bid settings and automatic bid setting options

Default bid— this will be the bid for every ad group and every keyword in the campaign, unless you override it with different bids at lower levels

Budget– you must assign a daily budget for the campaign, or apply a shared budget established in the shared library area of your account

Ad extensions— there are several ad extensions that can be set up at the campaign level. These can typically be overridden at lower levels

Ad scheduling— here you can set a schedule for your campaign to be automatically turned on and turned off for certain hours of the day, or certain days of the week.

Ad delivery— your choices here are standard and accelerated. Standard means Google will try to spread your ads evenly throughout the day, accelerated means you want your ads to be shown as much as possible and as soon as possible as the day begins.

Ad rotation— in an ad group, you can have many different ads that can be rotated. This is very for testing and finding ads that are more successful for conversion and click through rate. Ad rotation settings give you several options for how your ads might be rotated, served and optimized.

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