What are “Local Inventory” Ads in AdWords

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zc-local_inventory_adsGoogle Merchant Center accounts and product listing ads in AdWords are most commonly used for products sold on websites. However, Google offers a method to advertise products sold in local stores called “local inventory ads.”

To make this possible, merchants must first create a Google Merchant Center account. When the account is created, they can upload a local products feed document into their account.

Once this is done, merchants can choose to include products from their local stores in their AdWords shopping campaign by checking the “enable local inventory ads” check box. Once this box is checked, merchants can filter or subdivide inventory by channel, whether it’s a local inventory feed, or a product feed showing products available online.

Why you might use them

Since shopping is one of the major ways the Internet is experiencing massive growth, Google (naturally) wants to get in on the action. The local inventory ads system is great way for consumers to find products close to their location, and for merchants to attract consumers in their area.

When local inventory ads appear online, these are regular product listing ads that show a local pin icon. After clicking on the ad, users are taken to a “local storefront” landing page. The local storefront includes in-store availability information, product details, as well as related items available at the retailer.

Key points about them

As is true with typical e-commerce merchandising, the key element involved is the data feed. It’s important that it be accurate, up-to-date, and optimized with product titles and descriptions that are relevant to people searches.

Also, like with typical product listing ads, merchants are charged on a cost per click basis.

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