What are “Account Level” Settings in AdWords?

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bri--blog--aw acct level settingsWhat is meant by account level?

An AdWords account has different levels. There’s the account, and within the account you have campaigns, and within a campaign you have ad groups, and within ad groups you have actual ads, keywords, and/or other targeting methods. This is a very practical and user-friendly structure that you need to understand well. If you don’t have a good understanding of account structure, your AdWords campaign can easily become overwhelming and unmanageable.

Each level of your account has a different purpose, with different options and settings. Account level settings apply to the whole account, and with few exceptions, can’t be changed or overridden by lower level settings.

What the different settings are

Here are some settings that are set at the account level:

Email address— your AdWords account must have an email address that’s associated with a Google account. However, it’s possible ad an additional email address for login purposes.

Password— this will be the same for an entire Google account, including other products besides AdWords.

Billing information– is at the account level.

Currency type— you should select a currency that you want to use to pay your advertising costs.

Account time zone— your reports, statistics, and billing are all affected by the time zone you select. (It’s recommended that you choose your local time zone so your budget cycle ends when your day ends—account time zones may only be changed once in the life of an account.)

Account access— if you want to grant access to another party such as a coworker, that is done at the account level. You can’t grant access on an individual campaign level.

Alert and notification preferences— sometimes Google sends alerts, announcements, and notifications—you set your preferences at the account level.

Auto tagging— if you don’t know what this is, it’s best just to leave it turned on. This feature ads some information to the end of your destination URLs whenever your ad is clicked, that information is crucial for analytics programs to understand the origin of your website traffic.

Account linking— your account can be linked to various other Google services, such as Google analytics, Webmaster tools, and more.

Key things to remember:

It is highly advisable that you set up a free Google Analytics account for your website, and then link that account to your AdWords account. To be successful with online advertising, analytics is a crucial element.

If you choose to link your AdWords account with a Google webmaster tools account, the benefit is that you can see reporting data side-by-side for ad word search terms and organic search terms, which might be helpful depending on your business and strategy.


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