Understanding Ad Groups in AdWords

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Account structure and ad group basics

Understanding AdWords account structure is crucial for ad word success. In an account, you must have at least one campaign. Each campaign must have at least one ad group. And each ad group must have at least one ad and keyword (or non-keyword targeting method, such as display placement targeting). The ad group in AdWords is where the real marketing takes place. In campaign settings, you choose some basic settings like language, locations, and budget. But the ad group is where you creatively try to match the right ad message to the right targeting method.

It is very important that ad groups be focused on a tight theme, so you can show direct relevance to what the viewer is interested in. One way to do this is to simply analyze your own website. Do you have different webpages for different products or services that you offer? A good strategy from the beginning could be to have your ad groups mirror your website structure.

Let’s say you are a florist, and you have webpages for wedding flowers, funeral flowers, birthday bouquets, and more. It would make sense to have a different ad group for each of those themes. That way, when someone searches for birthday bouquet, they will see your ad that’s focused on birthday bouquets.

How to plan your ad groups for success

Having tightly themed ad groups is not only key for getting clicks and conversions, but it also can positively affect the quality score you are given in AdWords. As I mentioned, it could be a good idea to have your ad group structure mirror your website structure.

Another good approach, besides having your ad groups mirror your website, is to apply the two word rule— the two word rule says to distinguish your ad groups by two root words— so every keyword in the ad group would have those two root words.

For a florist, the two root words could be “wedding flowers”. That would be the theme of the ad group. Keywords would have those two root words, along with other words, like “wedding flowers delivery”… Or “purple wedding flowers”.

One other thing one thing of ad groups: remember that certain settings at the ad group level can override settings from the campaign or account level, including bids and certain ad extensions.

Ad group management best practices

When you have several ad groups based on a tight theme, and you have a good tracking mechanism such as AdWords conversion tracking set up, you are poised for success. The conditions are set for you to be able to optimize and manage your account properly.

From campaign view, click on the campaign. You will then be taken to the ad group view. Look at statistics for each individual ad group, such as number of clicks, impressions, click through rate, conversion rate, cost per conversion, and other key metrics. Pay close attention to where most of your money is being spent, and which ad groups are having the highest success rate. Then endeavor to expand on what’s working well, and eliminate what’s not working well to improve your ROI.

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