Overview of Sitelink Extensions in AdWords

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zb-overview_sitelinksSitelinks are an ad extension in AdWords that shows several links under your ad to different pages in your website. Normal ads, of course, direct users to one particular landing page. Sitelinks give the user more options, depending on what they’re looking for. For example, instead of simply going to your home page or landing page, a user can decide to go directly to your products page, contact page, or other page on your site.

Besides showing the links to pages, Sitelinks can sometimes also be shown with descriptions of the pages appearing under the links.

The pros and cons of using Sitelinks

The good things about using Sitelinks are

  • They can really expand the size of your ad. This makes it easier for your ad to get the attention of the person searching.
  • Also, it can create a better user experience because it gives more options to the user. This way they can choose which page the ad will take them to.
  • As with all other ad extensions, there is no additional charge for using Sitelinks. In fact, using them can actually improve your ad rank and lower the cost you pay per click. Google wants you to use extensions, and incentivizes them in this way.

Why shouldn’t you use Sitelinks? The main reason not to use them is if you want people to go to a specific landing page. Perhaps you don’t want to give them a choice of several pages on your site. Often times, it’s good to have just one landing page optimized for your particular goal. In this case, simply choose not to enable Sitelinks.

Key things to know about them

  • Sitelinks are limited to 25 character spaces.
  • After enabling Sitelinks and getting some traffic, reporting data can tell you if Sitelinks are improving your click through rates and conversion rates.
  • You can create mobile optimized Sitelinks to show on mobile devices, or you can disable specific Sitelinks on the devices you choose.


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