Know the Key Facts About Call Extensions in AdWords

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zc-call_extensions_key_thingsIn AdWords call extensions are a way to make it easier for your ads to drive phone calls– whether a user is on a desktop computer, tablet computer, or mobile smartphone.

How they change by device

When they appear on a desktop computer or tablet computer, they are displayed as a phone number next to your ad. If your ad is showing on someone’s mobile smart phone, call extensions enable a call button. If a user initiates a call with the call button, they can be connected to you more easily than having to dial the number themselves. This also creates a good trackable action so you can pay attention to the types of ads and keywords that are driving phone calls to your business.

In the AdWords interface, you can determine if people are using the call button on mobile devices. From campaign, ad group, or keyword view, click segments, then click type, you will then see statistics for the ways people are engaging with your ad—including mobile click to calls.

Why you might want to use them

Before you enable call extensions think about how they will help you accomplish your goals. For example, you may not want to use them if you don’t have a person ready to take the calls as they come in. You may decide that you want to have call extensions enabled during business hours, and disabled after hours. Call extensions can be scheduled in AdWords.

Key things to know about them

Like all ad extensions in AdWords, there is no extra charge to enable them. If someone clicks on the phone number on a desktop or tablet computer, it counts as a normal click in the advertiser will be charged accordingly. If someone initiates a call with the call button on a mobile device, that also counts as a normal click.

An important feature to mention is that you have the option to choose a Google forwarding number instead of displaying your regular business phone number. The advantage to this is that it gives you tracking information so you can help determine which keywords or ad groups are driving the most phone calls.

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