Keyword and Ad Level Settings

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When using Google AdWords, it is important to understand the different levels that exists in an account. Here are some things to understand about both keyword level and ad level in an account.

Choices for keyword level settings

When you click on an ad group in AdWords, you will be taken to the keywords tab for that ad group. On the keywords tab, you can do a number of things.

  • You can ad new keywords to the ad group, including negative keywords.
  • You can pause or remove keywords from the ad group
  • You can change the bid or bid strategy for all, some, or individual keywords.
  • You can set particular destination URLs for individual keywords that will override the destination URLs set at the ad level
  • You can check the status of individual keywords
  • You can check the quality score for individual keywords— to do this, click columns and then customize columns to ad a quality score column
  • You can also set automation functions, such as for the keyword to be automatically paused if it reaches a certain spending level.


Choices for ad level settings

  • If you click on an ad group, you’ll be taken to the keywords tab for that ad group. From there, click on the ads tab. Here, you can do a number of things:
  • You can create new ads, including text ads, image ads, and other ad types.
  • You can edit, pause, or remove existing ads— however, remember that if you edit an existing ad it will remove all of the activity data associated with that ad in the past— for this reason, consider creating a new ad and simply pausing the old one.


Best practices for keyword and ad level settings

  • When thinking of keyword and ad level settings, the most important thing to consider is performance.
  • Think of every single keyword, and every single ad as a salesman working for you. After all, you are investing money in them. Examine their performance to see what kind of results they’re bringing in.
  • For keywords, look at click through rates, conversion rates for each, as well as the search terms report.
  • For ads, pay attention to click through rates and conversion rates.
  • If an ad has a high click through rate that is only good if it is also getting conversions. If it’s not leadding to conversions, it’s leadding to money being wasted.

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