Do You Understand Product Data Feeds for AdWords?

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zb-data_feeds_overviewGoogle Merchant Center is the back end of the Google Shopping system. By creating a Google Merchant Center account and uploading a data feed, merchants can gain the ability to advertise their products on, and for product inquiries on the search engine.

The data feed is simply an informational document that has a list of products or services that your business provides, and various attributes that describe them– such as price, color, brand, and many more.

Once a data feed is successfully uploaded and approved by Google, shopping campaigns with product listing ads can be set up in AdWords.

How they are made

A data feed can be made in a spreadsheet program, such as Google sheets or Microsoft Excel. Each row will represent a different product. The various columns are where you place attribute information.

There are many different attributes that can be added to a data feed, but they are not all relevant for every type of product, and they are not all required. For example, a common attribute for clothing items is size. But if you’re selling bicycles, the size attribute is not a requirement.

Besides the standard attributes, you can also create your own… in a sense. Custom labels allow you to create up to five labels for grouping your products in a way that makes sense for your business.

Key things to know about them

Remember that the product feed data is what Google will use for targeting your product listing ads.

Data feeds can be automatically created, or manually created. If you’re using WordPress, there are several plug-ins that will automatically create your data feed from your website.

It’s very important that the information is synchronized between your website and the data feed. For example, if you change the price on one of your webpages make sure you change it at the same time on your data feed

You can schedule regular uploads of your data feed to keep it up-to-date.

It’s possible to synchronize your data feed with your website automatically.


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