Do You Understand Location Extensions in AdWords?

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zc--basics_of_location_extensionsLocation extensions in AdWords allow you to add additional information to your ad, including your business address, phone number, and a map marker with your ad text. On a mobile device, they include a link with directions to your business.

Why you might want to use them

Here are two reasons why you might want to enable location extensions:

Using extensions, in general, improves click through rates. So be sure to enable some type of extension, even if it’s not location extensions.

The main reason, however, to enable location extensions is that they are a great way to attract visits to your business location.

A few key things to know

Like other extensions in AdWords, there is no extra charge to enable location extensions. If someone clicks on the extension, the advertiser is charged for a normal click on the ad.

Also like other extensions, Google chooses when, how, and where to display them. The most control you have is to enable them, and possibly schedule them. You also have a degree of control over the extensions that show on a mobile device compared to desktop or tablet computer.

When you enable location extensions and call extensions for the same ad, AdWords uses your address from your location extension and your phone number from your call extension.

Location extensions can appear in different ways depending on the device being used, and the Google service being used, such as Google search, Google maps, and more.

Enabling them

In previous versions of AdWords, you could simply create your own extension by manually adding your business address. Currently, however, enabling location extensions involves linking AdWords to the Google My Business service.

If you haven’t done so already, go to for the Google My Business service. The purpose of the site is to consolidate Google services for your business online, including basic business information.

To be able to create the link from Google My Business to AdWords, the same Google account login needs to have access both accounts.

When you successfully create the link between AdWords and Google My Business, you can enable location extensions.


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