Do You Understand Google Shopping?

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zb-g_shopping_overviewGoogle Shopping is Google’s online platform for finding products that you might want to purchase.

Over the years, Google has changed its strategy for online products several times. For the last couple years however it has consolidated its approach into the sleek and streamlined system it has today. If you go to, that is the main web property that Google wants you to use for your shopping. However, if you go to and do a search for something that sounds like a product, you will most likely see product listing ads similar to those on the site.

How does it work

If you are a merchant and want your products to appear as product listing ads on either or in regular Google searches, you will need to create a Google Merchant Center account. Google Merchant Center is the backend of Google Shopping.

It’s free to create a Google Merchant Center account, and fairly painless. The key element of your Merchant Center account is called your “product feed”, or “data feed”. This is typically uploaded in spreadsheet format, with rows for the different products you offer, and columns that note the various attributes of those products—such as price, size, brand, condition, etc.

Once you create your Merchant Center account, and successfully upload a product feed, you will be able to use AdWords to create product listing ads. Product listing ads work similarly to other kinds of AdWords ads, except both the targeting and ad creation are done automatically. For targeting, AdWords simply looks to your product feed information to find relevancy for searches.

In your AdWords account, within an ad group, you are able to create “product groups” that categorize your products in a way that makes sense for your business. You then assign bids to the various product groups.

Key things to know

The key thing to understand about Google Shopping is that it’s all based on product listing ads that come from AdWords–however, the actual targeting and ad creation is automatically generated from your Google Merchant Center product feed.

As with other types of ads in AdWords, product listing ads also work on a pay per click basis.

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